Track Review: Whip Slap by Dimension

By Courtney Elliott

One of the biggest bangers being dropped at Drum and Bass events in Perth and indeed all around the world at the moment is one of Dimension’s most recent releases, “Whip Slap”. After his massive track “Crowd Reaction” brought him into the spot light last year, this track has just exploded into the scene. Released alongside another recent single, Jet Black, on Janurary 3rd on MTA records, the label of drum and bass legends’ Chase and Status, it climbed to number one on Beatport’s Drum and Bass Top 100 chart and has remained in its well-deserved place there ever since.

Jet Black brings a familiar feel to his recent tracks such as ‘Love to Me’ and ‘Digital Love’, with the soothing female vocals and uplifting vibe, however Whip Slap evokes a completely different feeling. Dimension has incorporated large chime-like club synths with a dirty, grimey bassline that would also appeal to any neurofunk lover. It’s that one tune that makes you go “what’s all the hype about”, but when you hear it for the first time it doesn’t disappoint, and you listen repeatedly. It’s very distinct melody is one that will get you excited when you hear it coming in and make you screw your bass face up on the dance floor as it drops.

After playing a killer set at Origin’s event High Tide in April last year, we hope Dimension returns to our shores in the near future. Available exclusively on Beatport, this track’s a definite to add to your Drum and Bass bangers playlist, if you haven’t already.

Available exclusively on Beatport:

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