Listen Out 2019 Clashes

Denzel Curry vs Dojo Cat

When it comes to Listen Out the line up only gets better as the years come, though the biggest issue with festivals lineups this insane are the unfortunate clashes. One clash that has hip-hop fans losing their mind is the king Denzel Curry and Dojo Cat…

Denzel Curry

Hot off his latest album ZUU, Denzel Curry is on a tear to cement his position as one of Hip Hop’s GOAT’s. ZUU is a tribute to Curry’s native Florida and touches upon his experiences growing up in Carol City. The album is perfect for summertime playlists with irresistible trap beats, wavy production courtesy of Perth’s FnZ and thoughtful yet humorous verse’s. His live sets are a mixture of his old bangers such as ‘Clout Cobain’, ‘Gook’ and ‘ULT’ as well as his newer tracks. Be sure to peep him at Listen Out for one the most energetic and hype sets you will ever see in your life. 

Our Favourite Tunes By Denzel Curry

GOOK – Denzel Curry
CLOUT COBAIN – Denzel Curry
RICKY – Denzel Curry
SPEEDBOAT -Denzel Curry

Dojo Cat

Unfortunately there’s a clash between Denzel and Doja Cat, who has blown up in the past year. With her single ‘Juicy’ garnering lots of attention including a remix with Tyga, she is a new star in the scene. There is one word to describe Doja Cat. Eccentric. From her cute cat aesthetic to wearing a cow print outfit in her viral music video for ‘Mooo!’, she brings a unique flavour to the traditional hip hop scene. She certainly does not lack variety with dream-like track ‘So High’ to hard hitting ‘Tia Tamera’ with Rico Nasty. Doja Cat is not one to miss on her debut Australia tour

Our favourite tunes by Dojo Cat

So High – Dojo Cat
MOOO! – Dojo Cat
Juicy – Dojo Cat, Tyga

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