EMAS Weekender: Vallis Alps

In light of the release of their new EP ‘Fable’, Vallis Alps embarked on a nation wide tour, spending their second last stop at Jack rabbit Slims. The electronic duo are insanely talented- it was incredible to be able to catch them perform their music live. This duo are accelerating into the music scene at a phenomenal pace, with their tour selling out, bar 3 shows and scoring over 29 million streams overall on Spotify.
?: Jack Rabbit Slims

Jack Rabbits was absolutely packed out for this show and the crowd was so energetic and vibing out constantly throughout the night. Parrissa’s voice is incredible to experience live and is so smooth and unique-safe to say she killed the vocals. Coupled with David’s seamless production carried out live on stage using a sampling pad, piano and drums to recreate their songs, made for a remarkable performance.

?: Jack Rabbit Slims

It was worth every penny paid to see this duo, their sound is so raw and their talent and dedication put into creating the seamless tracks they release was evident throughout this set. They played all the songs from their previous self titled album, including Young and Reprieve, which were incredibly beautiful live. Following this, Parrissa announced that they would be playing the tracks from their newly released EP, which went off in the crowd. Their new tracks have an alternative sound to their previous collection, still keeping with the electronic vibes, these tracks are quite infectious. They finished off with East which is a lot more fast paced and bubblier in comparison to their other songs. Afterwards, they proceeded to go into the  crowd to have a chat to the punters and get some pictures as well. They are the most down to Earth and talented duo, and I cannot wait to catch another one of their shows again.17918842_1509260072429022_1145155554_n
?: Chantelle D’Sousza

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