EMAS Weekender: Nicole Millar + Jumrak

This weekend has definitely been one that has boasted some of the local talent Australia has to offer. On the Friday night we were blown away by Jumrak, Perth Producer and DJ, who played his debut set at Summit’s monthly club night. Following this, Australian goddess, Nicole Millar, ended our weekend with some sweet sounds at the Noodle Palace.


Jumrak absolutely killed it this Friday night just gone. He is an insanely talented dude and owned his set with a confidence that emanated through to his set. He only entered the scene last year but after witnessing his performance, you could easily believe that he was an artist that had been doing this for a lot longer. His style is eclectic and is diverse with his song selections; he knows how to work a crowd. Not only are his Djing skills enviable, he is madly talented in terms of producing tracks and has released tracks on both Phonotecture and WUS GUD, with singles ‘Broads in Atlanta’ and ‘Zero’ gaining over ten thousand plays on Soundcloud. There wasn’t a single person in the room that wasn’t moving to the bangers being dropped and when I say that every punter was catered for, I’m being serious, the timeless classic Glamorous by Fergie was dropped whilst other tracks such as Wallz by Troyboi and unreleased Jumrack tracks were featured. Safe to say, I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for any upcoming performances by this insanely talented dude.

Pic: Summit

Nicole Millar

Ok, so if there is any way to combat those end of weekend feels, a free performance by none other than the blonde goddess that is Nicole Millar will surely cure this. My mind was blow, she was SO good. I absolutely love this chick, and previously caught her performance at Southbound in December; she was consistent with her performance and was just as amazing as she was at Southbound. Her voice is so incredibly smooth and she owns the stage like an absolute boss. She opened up the set with tracks such as Love Like I Never and Tell Me, creating a really cool atmosphere within the crowd. She was playing with a live band and suddenly there was this cool transition into some instrumentals of what sounded like the infamous High. There was remnants of her vocals from High interwoven into the instrumental intro, and then all of a sudden we were smacked in the face with the iconic first beats of High. The crowd, including myself, went insane and were jumping up and down for the whole song. It was so humbling to see an artist appreciate the way the crowd was reacting to her performance and she did not stop smiling and waving to members of the crowd. She also included Signals and Pixelated, which went down a treat with the crowd; the use of the live band to create the originally electronic sounds for these tracks worked surprisingly well and added depth to the set.

Pic: JumpClimb

By Ellie Buchanan

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