EMAS Presents: IBIZA ARCANE 2016

(Picture by Alec James @ fb.com/imagesbyalec)

At the start of the weekend, EMAS UWA hosted its iconic student-organised party where punters experienced festival-like production and the music was sure not to disappointment everyone who got naughty on Oak Lawn.

by Naomi Alban

2500 students herded onto Oak Lawn on UWA campus last Friday night to attend one of the biggest university-run festivals in the Southern Hemisphere. What a night to remember for punters and EMAS committee members alike. (Punters-we hope most of you remembered…) Seeing such an event come together like Ibiza Arcane ’16 made all the hours spent working on this huge project so worthwhile. Yes, we are a uni club, but EMAS dreams big.

Not going to lie, it is a stressful, time-consuming period in the lead up to an event as big as Ibiza, and I speak on behalf of the whole EMAS committee, but the things you learn and the experience gained in working behind-the-scenes is one I encourage for all. From the early planning stages; to the days of set up leading up; to when you take a step back and see the event taking place is such a surreal feeling.

Working as welfare manager on the night was a rewarding experience in itself, wandering the site overseeing our staff and attending to minor issues, I observed the thousands of punters letting loose and genuinely having a wicked time. (With the assistance of alcohol I’m assuming). Just noticing the EMAS DJs main-stage and silent disco stimulate an energy like no other made for an amazing environment for everyone-punter and volunteer. (Check out how merry you all were in the photo albums posted in the event page this week!)

It is also a huge thanks to the enthusiastic and cooperative volunteers working at Ibiza who contribute toward a successful event! And without a team as dedicated and hard-working as the EMAS committee is, we would not be able to pull off an event of this scale. Go fam!

Whilst the hype is real leading up to that Friday night, the weekend following in bumping out the event is as anyone could imagine-only as fun as you make it. Working on site, however, is good for one thing- achieving that yearly ‘gym workout’ where lifting cement blocks and fencing for a couple of hours is guaranteed to build muscle that was once non-existent. In all honesty though, join us if this prospect excites you!

So although everyone is absolutely knackered after the week that is ‘Ibiza week’, we continue to do what we do, where it is for those couple of hours of ‘showtime’ that make it worth the sacrifices of sleep and study so worthwhile.

Get ready to experience it all again in 2017!

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