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We hope you liked our last blog, because on this weeks blog we are launching something very juicy for all the aspiring Dj’s and producers out there. We are launching Dr. EMAS Q & A… Each week will be a different topic with the the juicy questions every DJ & Producer wants to know.

Is there a way to approach artists without being weird?

In short, yep, just don’t be weird. Artists are generally normal people and respond well to general conversation. Like a normal person, everyone is different and some really don’t want to be approached and some are very open. This is just a vague guide, but you need to use normal social awareness. Introduce yourself just like how you would to anyone else, be polite patient and do not expect that they owe you any particular behaviour. Sometimes they’ll be having days where they want to keep to themselves and sometimes they’ll be feeling social and want to make new friends.

On the subject of photos: If they are in the zone and taking heaps of photos quickly with a bunch of people. Politely say hi and request one, don’t be super pushy. If you meet someone out and about, make sure they aren’t busy doing something else and strike up a conversation first. Don’t interrupt someone trying to live their.

On the subject of promoting your music: Politely strike up a conversation and give them your elevator pitch when it seems relevant. If they seem interested follow them up with a drive or a card. Don’t be overly pushy and don’t just push a thumby in their face.

What knowledge does Dr. EMAS have this week on the topic?

He has supported and toured with many artists, from touring dance DJs all the way to billboard top 10 pop bands.

Got any burning questions about the electronic music industry? Dr. EMAS is here to help!


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