Bali Guide

If you’re heading to Bali during the break and looking to party outside of Kuta then here are some great places you need to check out. If you are also on a low budget then make sure to read ahead for all the cheap and free places to go to.

Old Man’s Canggu

house, tech house, techno

If you’re looking for somewhere to start your night off right in canggu, then Old Mans is the place for you. As one of the main clubs in canggu Old Mans is always busy with a great crowd and awesome music.

More for the house heads, but great for all crowds. Wednesdays normally go off at old mans with the famous “dirty old mans” event where you will find cheap 2 for 1 drink deals between happy hour and beats from local Russian Dj Musa Nova.


1: Always check the events FB page of the venue for more information on what is on each night.

2: Old man’s closes early around 1am!! 

Sand Bar canggu

Party, Hiphop

Olds mans is closing but Sand bar is just opening up, less than 30 seconds walk down the steps to what is literally a club on the beach. You will find a huge crowd of people dancing to more your party and hip hop tunes, it is free entry and lots of fun with all in one place.


  • Free entry
  • 18+ is not a requirement
  • Open late


Tech house, techno

Across the road from Old Mans and up the steps from Sandbar you will find yourself at VZLETNAYA. Promoting the establishment of underground music in Central Asia, VZLETNAYA will put on a good show if you are into your deep cuts and underground sounds. My experience at VZLETNAYA was a small indonesian man playing the dirtiest african bongo/ jungle inspired techno beats that slipped in to house and moved to electro as the night went on.


– Free entry

 -18+ not required

-Open till late

-Great if you love  underground music

Jenja Seminyak

House Tech House, Techno (depending on the night, could change)

Jenja bar located in seminyak is a crisp modern club. Located underground you will pass through a hall of hanging LEDs lights which will  take you down the stairs to the club known as Jenja. Check their events for the music you like but Thursday’s is normally bumping techno, with international Djs always touring the area so you never know who could be playing. Watch out as the mega sound system will crush your ears.


  • 18+ is probably required
  • Entry can be charged However sometimes if you say Going on thier events they put you on the guestlist for FREE ENTRY
  • Expensive for drinks and a high end club for an older crowd, so make sure you come will sauced up, but don’t be pushed away by the older crowd…. its bali.
  • Dress nice!

La Favela (how to get in if you are not 21)

House, Tech House, Hip Hop, Party

La Favela Is undoubtedly the most beautiful and majestic clubs you will ever go to. The highly creative venue is more than a club but more a jungle of artwork and sculptures.

And for this fact the age of entrance is 21+ to keep out all the young party heads.

Lucky for you if you are one to fit the crowd and enjoy the ‘scene’ head to La Favela for dinner around 8 or 9 o’clock, on entry say you would like to have dinner and you will be taken to your table. La Favela do really nice tapas so make sure you want to eat there. Take your time eating until the venue picks up and discreetly get the bill and vanish into the crowd…. enjoy your night!!


  • On the main level hip Hop and party tunes, up stairs more party tunes but make sure you adventure to the 3rd level where you will find a small bar with a great view of bali, with beats that follow house and tech.
  • Entry is charged after a certain time
  • Check FB page for more info

Motel Mexicola

House, Party, Latian

If you’re looking for good food, good drinks and a party every night of the week then this is the place for you. The mexican inspired restaurant/ club is lots of fun and you always endup in a conga line of 40+ people.


  • No entry FEE
  • 18+ is probably required but if you get in before 9 you should be ok.

Mrs Sippy’s Bali

Mrs Sippy’s Bali is a great day stop, the beach club consists of 1 large pool with a huge diving board that you can jump off. Check their events of FB as they have had some big names play such as Duke Dumont and more.


  • Entry Fee is required
  • 18+ is not required
  • Eating, drinking and even sitting on one of their day bed is very expensive so be mindful
  • They do do a happy hour so look into that

Hoi Polloi; Craft Beer House

Hoi polloi bali is one of the best uncovered lunch spots in seminyak. the white table cloth bar/ restaurant offers a wide range of imported craft beers, great cocktail selection, with an extensive indonesian and western menu. The food is great and the staff are even better.

Hoi Polloi special: When you go I recommend the purchase of a bucket of bintangs (5 beers)  in which you get a 3 pizza. the 3 of us would get 3 pizzas and share 15 beers, starting in the restaurant and moving out to their beer garden…. we returned 4 times.   

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