REVIEW: EMAS Weekender 23-24/4/16

We just had a huge weekend for bass music in Perth, international acts (Jauz & Dillon Francis) performed alongside many other amazing artists over the past few days. Our team were lucky enough to hit up both shows, and have put together a review to show you what a weekend out is like for the EMAS crew.

Origin Presents ft Dillon Francis, Shockone & more
By Audrey Tascon


When I first heard that Dillon Francis was coming to Australia I could not of been more excited. A talented producer and probably the funniest person on snap chat he is definitely one of my favourite people in the industry. To add to the excitement, Perth had something different in the works with Origin putting on a small-scale festival with the line-up including artists such as Branchez, Shockone, and Wilkinson along side Dillon and having it at the amazing Belvoir amphitheater.

Arriving just in time for Branchez set I was definitely not disappointed. His set consisted of future bass vibes with a bit of house and trap as well. He played some classic tracks such as his remix of What so Not’s track ‘High You Are’, Alesso’s track ‘Heroes’ and an unreleased remix of ‘What Do You Mean’ by Justin Bieber.

Next on the set times was Shockone. Having seen Shockone twice before I thought I knew what too expect but I was still impressed with the great vibes throughout his entire set and seeing a different set to his last two. The highlights of it was probably having Reija Lee come up and sing ‘Home’ Live and a guest appearance from Perth boys COMMAND Q for a live performance of ‘Life Cycles’.

The ultimate highlight of the night though was seeing Dillon Francis and making him laugh from the mosh. Standing at the front I spotted him side stage before his set and we held up our shoes to tell him to do a ‘shoey’ and when he saw us he just burst out laughing. If you have him on snap chat you will get this joke (it’s happened at all his Australian shows).

His set was incredible with a great progression and a good variety of trap, dubstep and of course moombahton. It was great to hear his classic older tracks of his including ‘I.D.G.A.F.O.S’ and ‘Masta Blasta’ as well as his new work such as his remix of ‘Omen’ and ‘Propaganda’. Other well known tracks he played included ‘Bruk Bruk’, ‘I Cant Take it’, ‘Get Low’ and finished his set with ‘Coming Over’. The visuals for his set were interesting to say the least while also very amusing. I was however a little disappointed with Dillon’s level of crowd interaction and stage presence considering his great personality, but to be fair he was very into his mixing which was very smooth and impressive as well; there was hardly any pre-recorded transitions. Overall I enjoyed and was impressed by Dillon’s set and would recommend anyone to go see him if he comes to Australia again.

To end the night was Wilkinson who had the closing set. Having two intense sets before him it was impressive to see that he still had the crowd going through his entire drum and bass set. However I had to take a break from the insane mosh pit but thanks to the venue, I could get a great view of the set from above up on one of the steps. He played popular drum and bass tracks such as ‘Voodoo People’ by the Prodigy, ‘Rock it’ by Sub Focus and his own tracks of course including ‘Dirty Love’ and finished off with ‘Afterglow.’

Overall I had a great time at Origin presents and enjoyed all four set’s I saw. My favourite of the night was Dillon Francis’ (I may be a bit biased) although they all played incredible sets.

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By Chantelle D’Souza

As soon as I walked into the venue, the sounds of Mija’s tunes had already got everyone in the room dancing. She definitely did not disappoint anyone in the crowd, as every transition in her set was almost perfect. Watching her quick mixing skills, perfect beat matching and her great ability to double drop really made us EMAS DJ’s really appreciate her skills. Mija’s stage presence was definitely one of a kind, you could definitely tell that she was enjoying herself and enjoying all of the music, leaving the crowd in awe.

She started of her set with some great bass house tracks and then progressed to some trap and even some drum and bass. You could definitely hear influences from her ‘Fk a genre’ mix as “nobody puts Mija in a corner”. She dropped some 2008 tunes like ‘Infinity’ by Guru Josh Project and then dropped huge songs like Skrillex’s ‘Cinema’ remix, ‘U don’t know’ by Australia’s own Alison Wonderland , ‘To Ü’ by Jack U and Rl Grime’s ‘The Hills’ Remix. Mija also kept on impressing by dropping ‘Better of Alone’ by Alice Deejay and getting the crowd hyped, to then drop her own remix of ‘Crank it’ ft. Ghastly. After all these amazing tunes we thought Mija couldn’t impress us anymore, but then she did it by dropping an insane remix of Boombox Cartels ‘B2U’ into ‘All I Do is Win’ by DJ Khaled.

After an insane set, we were all a bit disappointed that she didn’t drop her ‘Middle’ Remix, but hopefully she comes back again soon so we can hear it. Overall her set was a 10/10, she definitely hyped everyone up for Jauz and I would definitely pay to go see her again.

By Alastair Punler


Earlier on last year before Jauz completely blew up, a friend of mine discovered him and this was my first experience with an artist from the bass house/dubstep scene. His style was completely different to the 128bpm bangers that I used to love before that. So you could say after missing out on his set at Stereosonic last year, seeing Jauz live was a long-awaited tick off my bucket list.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the night, whether it would it be mainly full-on dubstep like his newer production work, or more about the bass house songs that originally brought him into the spotlight. What I ended up experiencing was an hour and a half set of a range of tunes from different genres that almost always ended up in heavy dub drops, even ‘YMCA’ was dropped into a world of wubs.

His versatility was incredible. He had fun with his set in a way that not many artists would dare to. He opened with System of a Down’s ‘BYOB’ and his encore track was ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’. So to say he enjoyed trolling the crowd would be an understatement.

Highlights of the night were when he played the Joyride version of ‘Feel the Volume’, in which the drop is played in reverse. There was also when he played the Boombox Cartel edit of ‘The Dopest’ and the crowd went off. He also played one of my favourites of his called ‘Welcome to the Planet Urf’ which is a remix of a theme song of a popular video-game ‘League of legends’. An incredible set combined with an electric crowd made it one to remember.

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